Bridal shower cookie favors are an important part of planning a party sure to impress your guests. However, like many brides to be you probably want something unique that will be sure to stick out, making all of your guests take a second look at your party favors. Well, in the case of wanting a fun and unique party favor, fortune cookies are the answer. While these sweet cookies may seem like a nontraditional snack to serve on a formal occasion, they are sure help break the ice between your guests and make for a ton of interesting conversation. With KC Fortune Cookie Factory you are able to customize these cookies to best cater to all attendees at your next event.

Choosing fortune cookies as your bridal shower cookie favors will be sure to cause quite a stir leaving your family and friends to laugh and enjoy these sweet little treats. With KC Fortune Cookie Factory you have a ton of great options when it comes to fortune cookies, including:

  • Unique Chinese food takeout packaging
  • A variety of dips and sprinkles
  • Giant Cookies
  • And much more!

Get Your Bridal Shower Cookie Favors Now!

Stop wasting time and energy trying to find the perfect sweet snack to serve at your bridal shower, and order fortune cookies for this fun occasion. Sparking up conversation with new people can be a difficult task, many times leaving your guests to only talk to people they already know. Well, fortune cookies will help solve this problem! These light, crunchy, sweet cookies will draw in lots of attention and help to break the ice between family and friends who are unacquainted. Make a game out of sharing your fortune cookie message to really get the party going. Order your fortune cookies today!