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Our bridal shower fortune cookies are sure to be a hit on that special day! You can order custom fortune cookies to be personalized to list fun facts about the bride to-be, or purchased as part of a bridal shower game.  Plus, the message slips make great wedding scrapbook mementos.

You can include up to 15 custom messages in your order of 50 or more fortune cookies. That is quite a bit of fact finding!

If you don’t have the time to simplify the bride’s life down to 120 characters, we suggest creating a fun bridal shower game out of the fortune cookies. You could personalize the message slips to be numbered so they are used in a raffle.  Or, the fortune cookies could be a series of questions prompting the guest to share a story about the bride to everyone else in the room. We’ve included our favorite bridal shower game below.

Bridal Shower Ice breaker Questions to be used in Fortune Cookies

We all know bridal showers are sometimes awkward due to the fact so many people from so many areas of the bride’s life come together to celebrate her. But you don’t want people to leave early because they don’t feel welcomed, or are standing in the corner on their iPhone with a plate of food. Make the bridal shower fun!

To get you started, we’ve created a fortune cookie game where ice breaker questions are written on the slips.

Simply copy and paste these messages into the three lines available to you when you’re placing your order through our website (Start Custom Fortune Cookie Order HERE)

 “How did you and the bride first meet?”

“What do you think of the wedding colors?”

“What’s your favorite song to dance to at a wedding?”

“What’s been the best dinner you’ve had at a wedding?”

“What’s the worst wedding experience you’ve had?”

“How many weddings have you been to?”

“Would you rather be the bridesmaid, or maid of honor?”

“Would you rather have an indoor or outdoor wedding?”

“Would you rather have free beer, free wine or neither at the wedding reception?”

“Would you ever wear black to a daytime wedding?”

What’s your favorite memory with the bride?”

What is a story from your wedding or a friend’s?”

What is your idea of a dream wedding?”

Where would be your favorite place to have wedding photos taken?”

And, who knows! Maybe the answers to these questions will break the ice and some new life long friendships will form. If anything, it will make the wedding reception more fun because now everyone will know each other.