Prom is right around the corner… are you gentlemen ready?

Here are some tips to make prom a memorable night:

1. Ask your date early! Ask your date at least one month before prom night. This gives her time to find that special dress and gives you time to get fitted for a tux/suit.

2. Figure who you’re going to take. Single? Ask a friend. In a relationship? Ask your girlfriend. Have a major crush? Ask her before someone else does.

Now that you figured out who you want to take..

3. Ask them. What better way then to order a prom fortune cookie to surprise her! (Get her a Chocolate dipped one. Girls love chocolate)

4. Rent your tux/suit. Find a rental place nearby your home and get measured. Make sure your tux/suit fits right in your shoulders and chest. It wont be a perfect fit because it’s not a custom tux/suit but hopefully you can find one as close as possible to fit you right.

5. Find a group for you and your date to go with. I find going with a group of friends much more fun. Especially if you’re taking someone you fancy! Having friends will relieve some of that romantic pressure. If you end up going with her group of friends she will be more comfortable surrounded by familiar faces and you’ll always see your friends at the dance. If you end up deciding to just go out alone together. Pick a place for dinner. Nothing extremely fancy but nothing super cheap (especially fast food, don’t take her to McDonald’s). You’ll want to pick a restaurant that serves something you and her will enjoy. Sometimes schools host dinner and if that’s so, skip the food picking step.

6. Before prom make sure your looking your best with a haricut and shave if you need to.

7. On the day of prom. Pick up your tux/suit and find a corsage for her. Girls love corsages. Once you find one bring it home and keep it in your fridge until you’re about to leave to pick her up. Don’t. Forget. The. Corsage. Write a note, put a sticky somewhere you will see, make a cellphone reminder, just remember it and don’t forget it.

8. Pick her up. Park the car. Walk up to her door and ring the bell. Don’t wait outside her house and send a text that “I’m here”. Her Mom and Dad probably want to see you and will want to take a few pictures before you leave.

9. Meet up with the group. Have dinner and get to prom!

10. Remember. It’s okay to be late to a party. Get to prom 45mins to an hour after it starts. That way you’ll know the dance has people and you and your date wont be the only ones standing on the dance floor. Once you get there you and your date should find the photo booth and get your picture taken. After check your suit jacket and head to the dance floor!

11.After Prom is the after party. Be safe, don’t ruin the experiance with drugs or alcohol. Once you’re done for the night, take her home and walk her to door. Say your goodbyes and leave a happy man.