Every year ASU Minnesota hosts the Asian American Student Union’s Spring Conference. This year the theme of the conference is “Celebrating one individual and one community through one week”.

If you are interested here are the workshops they offer this week followed by a banquet with guest performances by Dumbfoundead and Andrew Garcia on saturday:

At each workshop you will be given 2 Fortune Cookies and inside the cookies will be a chance to meet Dumbfoundead and Andrew Garcia!


Coffman Mississippi Room
***Splendid Asia – Learn how to Dance!***
A showcase of various dances from Asian regions including China, Mongolia, India, Thailand, and Hmong. We can’t wait to see you dance!

Coffman President’s Room
***Various Communication styles in Asia***
Observe the differences in communication styles between different countries through advertisements and daily usage. This is an interactive workshop! You will build your own communication style in a 3D model.

Coffman Room 303
***Stories of Asian-American Adoptees***
An open panel discussion style workshop that revolves around the story of an adoptee who returns to his homeland in Korea and his unexpected reunion with his birth family.

Coffman Room 303
***Cultural Game Corner***
Come play and experience games from various Asian cultures. Enjoy some baklava and chai tea with us.

Coffman Mississippi Room
***Hands on Cooking with Chef Tomoyo, Chef Supenn, and Chef Nona: Cooking with a Dash of Girl Power!!***

Chef Tomoyo is the executive sushi chef for Se7en Sushi and Lounge and specializes in sushi and Japanese cuisine.

Chef Supenn is the owner of Sawatdee Restaurant, a Minnesota legend in Thai cuisine. She celebrated her 30 years with Sawatdee last year. She has been featured on multiple media outlets.

Chef Nona is the first female sushi chef in Minnesota. Her past professional experiences include Fuji Ya, Midori’s Cafe, and Tiger Sushi. She specializes in sushi, Thai, and Southern American cuisine.

Saturday: Formal Banquet
***Free for UMN Students | $5 for non-UMN Students***
Location: Coffman Great Hall
Time: Door Opens at 4:30PM
Show Begins at 5PM- 9 PM
Come join the Asian-American Student Union as we celebrate our 35th annual Spring Conference Banquet! We will be having cultural performances by our affiliates and special guests, Andrew Garcia from American Idol and Dumbfoundead aka Parker! You do not want to miss out!

This is a great way to experience culture and diversity so come check it out!