Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas

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I received my Fortune Cookies

and I'm so pleased with them.  My husband (to be) commented that they tasted very fresh and delicious in comparison with what we typically receive in a restaurant.  Thanks also for the excellent tracking information emails.  You guys are great!



I have never received such amazing and extremely prompt service in my whole life!!! Your business is impeccable!!! Thank you so much!!! These make such great gifts!!!

—Jenna, from Export, PA

We received our cookies yesterday...and we are SO happy

with how they turned out. Everyone we have given them to are very impressed. Thanks for the great and speedy service...we will be ordering more soon!!

—Jessica M., Wisconsin


Do you need corporate holiday gift ideas? Read more below to figure out the perfect fortune cookie gift this holiday season!

SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 - Minneapolis, Minn. - Today marks it – three months until Christmas. The snowy month of December may be welcomed by many of us in Minnesota, a chance to finally cool off from a hot summer, but it also means the time has arrived to start planning out this year’s corporate holiday gift programs.

Business Gift Ideas

So your boss put you in charge of finding the best gift for the company’s clients this holiday season. But what if you only spoke with the client a few times on the phone and have no idea what kind of gift they would appreciate? What makes a great holiday gift?

Here are a few gift ideas to get you started:

Casual Client Gift

Quotable Magnets, Cards, Journals and More: Browse the selection of unique and inspiring quotes sure to impress your customers. Find one that speaks to you. If the boss approves, order many! If anything, the client will learn a bit more about the company when they open their holiday gift. Plus, it’s a unique take on a traditional Christmas card.  Visit to view the whole selection of gift items.

Artistic Client Gift

Collectable Mini Figurine Gifts: Kidrobot’s Dunny series showcases over a dozen artists each year and are as coveted as esteemed baseball trading cards. Handing these out this holiday season as your client’s thanks-for-the-business gift will reposition what corporate gift giving is all about. View Full Selection.

Executive Client Gift

Personalized Holiday Gifts: Your message breaks free when you send your clients customized fortune cookies as the company’s holiday gift this year. And, especially if they’re chocolate dipped fortune cookies and housed in a gold tin. Give a memorable gift to say “thanks” this holiday season. Make your business stand out with a branded holiday gift from KC Fortune Cookie Factory. View Full Selection.

Corporate Holiday Gift Giving Guide Custom Fortune Cookies

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