Decorated fortune cookies are sure to cause a stir at your next big or small get together. These little cookies are the ideal party favor as they are small and mess free, allowing your guests to easily walk around the party while enjoying a crispy sweet treat. Best of all, you can customize the messages inside these cookies, your guests will feel like you really put a ton of time and energy into these snacks. However, in all actuality, you spent very little time on these party favors, and with the simple click of a button your party snacks are taken care of.

So where can you find decorated fortune cookies? Right here at KC Fortune Cookie Factory! Not only will you find a variety of dipped and sprinkled cookies, but you will find much more, including:

  • Giant fortune cookies – sure to be a crowd pleaser!
  • Fun Chinese food take out containers to store your cookies in
  • Customizable fortunes
  • And much more!

Order Your Decorated Fortune Cookies Today From KC Fortune Cookie Factory!

We know that our sprinkled and dipped cookies will be a hit at your next event as these cookies are a unique snack sure to cause a lot of attention. Plus, the fortunes inside make for a great ice breaker for your guests to get to know one another. Order these light, crispy, sweet treats today and rest assured that all of your friends and family will enjoy the