Father’s Day Fortune Cookie

Father’s Day is almost upon us. Custom fortune cookies are the perfect gift for the man who has it all! Personalize them to tell Dad just how special he is.

Write your own message related to family vacations, summer’s together, or recount special events, like “Hey Dad, remember the first time the training wheels came off? I knew you’d always be there to catch me.”

Or, read through some of these inspirational quotes shared by Janet Callaway on her blog: Read Father’s Day Quotes

You can create up to 15 personalized messages in an order of 50 custom fortune cookies. Share your memories of the times when your Father was there for you using a unique edible treat he’s sure to love.

Or, consider a Giant Fortune Cookie to tell your Dad how much you appreciate all he’s done in a huge way!

Most personalized orders, either as a giant fortune cookie or regular sized, are currently shipping out next day. So, there is still time for your order to reach your Dad by Father’s Day! You can even ship the item as a gift directly to his house.

If you want to confirm shipping times, please call us at 1.800.808.3678.

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