Bible Verse Fortune Cookies – Add scripture to your life in a tasty way! These are perfect for your next bible study, bible camp or communion party.
These message aren’t the typical inspirational sayings, but instead – direct scripture verses quoted from the Bible.
Whether you’d like to share some of the Good News with friends, or just need a daily Bible verse in the morning, these Scripture Fortune Cookies are for you!

Little Wishes Fortune Cookie – Fortunes are filled with kid friendly messages and appropriate for schools!

Restaurant Style Fortune Cookie – our very own Golden Plaque branded premium fortune
cookie wrapped in our GP logo with ingredient list. Our tradtional message fortune cookies are just like ones you get in restaurants! These are Keefer Court Food’s extra thick, insanely crunchy, vanilla flavored, regular sized Chinese fortune cookies filled with messages of inspiration, wisdom, and perhaps – a few predictions of what awaits; wrapped in our traditional Chinese artwork cellophane. Crack open one of these crispy fortune cookies to be amazed at what predictions and life lessons await you on the traditional message slip.
These are the fortune cookie messages we use for wholesale, meaning these are the exact fortune cookies you’ve probably eaten at your favorite Chinese restaurant.

DIY Kit – With our do-it- yourself fortune cookie kit, we bake the fortune cookies then you take it from there. A creative and economical option, when you just want a few fortune cookies, or you want to buy a fun activity for the kids! Your Do it Yourself kit comes with 12 traditional flavor fortune cookies (it measures approximately 2” x 2” x 1 1/2”), simple instructions, and 12
self-sealing pouches, to give your final product a professional appearance. You customize your 1/2” x 3” message slips on your home computer, print, cut and insert them inside the opening on the specially gaped fortune cookies (we do not provide paper). No baking or reheating necessary.
**NOTE: The cookie pictured is in its original wrapper – NOT the resealable pouch.
If you plan on dipping or decorating your cookies, select the larger pouch option so there is extra room for your additions.

Fortune-less Cookies Bulk – Our empty fortune cookies are perfect for those who love the fortune cookie taste, but hate the message slip? Maybe you have a project where you need empty fortune cookies so your class can write their own message and place inside the cookie? Or, maybe you have over 16 custom messages and you need to know exactly which cookie contains which message?
Then our specially gapped, regular size Empty Fortune Cookies are for you!
We hand sort these fortune cookies to make sure each one we ship contains a gap large enough for you to insert your own message inside.
This product comes with resealable pouches (*NOT SHOWN) for you to place the fortune cookie inside once you’ve inserted your message. Select “large” when you plan to dip the fortune cookie in chocolate. Select the “small” resealable bag if you’re not decorating the fortune cookies.  The resealable bags are closed with a peel-off strip that reveals a sticky band.
You then fold over the longer flap on the bag and the bag seals but can be reopened.
Customers have the option to purchase additional resealable bags at an additional cost of $0.10 per bag.

Free sample pack of fortune cookies – Get a sample taste of our mouth watering Keefer Court fortune cookie recipe. Our cookies are the best looking fortune cookies on the Market. And, they are shaped correctly, without that flaky wafer look. We manufacture the fortune cookies you want to house your custom message! Don’t believe us? Just order this sample pack of 12 fortune cookies for free. (Only pay for the shipping).   Please note: these are samples for taste,
as these are overrun from other orders.