Personalised chocolate fortune cookies are sure to make the perfect party favor at your next big upcoming event. Never thought about fortune cookies as sweet party treat? Well, think again because these little cookies are sure to cause quite a stir! The best thing about fortune cookies is they set your event up for fun, as the messages inside will be the perfect ice breaker. When you order personalised chocolate fortune cookies through KC Fortune Cookie Factory, you will find that you have the ability to customize the crispy cookie’s message inside. These messages will definitely help to set the tone of your entire party. Plan out funny fortunes sure to cause a laugh or use thoughtful heartfelt messages guaranteed to show your guests that you care.

Not only can you order personalised chocolate fortune cookies through KC Fortune Cookie Factory, but you will much more, including:

  • Giant sized cookies – ideal for large get togethers, like a bridal shower
  • Fun Chinese food take out containers – perfect for carrying your cookies
  • A variety of dipped and sprinkled cookies to choose from
  • And much more!

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