Red, Pint-Size Chinese Take-Out Container

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This red, pint-size chinese take-out container can be for your fortune cookies, or anything else you’d like to put in them. This size makes for perfect presentation of your chocolate dipped fortune cookies (fits 4 in a box).

We will ship these preassembled take-out containers stacked together to save on shipping costs.

If you prefer to have us pack your fortune cookies in the take-out boxes for you, please select the packing option below (This is an added cost item and will increase shipping as the containers are full, not stacked). When we pack the containers for you, crinkle shred is included for free!

As an additional item, we can also print your image or logo on a 2”x2” clear sticker and affix the sticker to the take-out container (if ordering under 700). Color printing is $0.50 per sticker. Black and White Printing is $0.45 per sticker. Please select that option below and upload your file. The extra charges for the custom stickers might NOT be reflected in your order total. You will receive an email soon after placing your order that details the additional charge for your custom stickers.

Dimensions: 2 3/4 x 2 1/8 x 3 1/2 (16 oz)

This item will ship out with your fortune cookies order, or on the next business day.

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