Promotional Fortune Cookies

Thank You

I received my Fortune Cookies

and I'm so pleased with them.  My husband (to be) commented that they tasted very fresh and delicious in comparison with what we typically receive in a restaurant.  Thanks also for the excellent tracking information emails.  You guys are great!


I am so impressed with my experience with this company!

My order shipped so fast! I ordered custom cookies to announce to my husband that he would be a dad soon, and I am so happy I used KC Fortune cookies ! I couldn't resist sending an e-mail to tell everyone what a GREAT job they are doing!! I love the hand-written thank you!!! I cannot express my gratitude for such exceptional service!! Unfortunately, personal service is hard to find anymore! You guys have it down!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

—Brittany C, JONESBORO, AR

We just received our order of fortune cookies today

They look AMAZING! I just wanted to thank you! Regards,

—Jessica Greenbaum, Denver, CO

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Custom Fortune Cookies…

a cheap tradeshow giveaway, which uses high quality ingredients, that is sure to grab your prospect’s attention. When other trade show booths are giving away hard to carry promotional products, the fortune cookie’s message is quickly retained. Even if the trade show goer dislikes the taste of fortune cookies, it is hard to resist cracking it open, reading the message slip, and learning what their destiny holds.

And what unfolds before them is a tiny slip with one of those trendy QR codes on it. Curiously they scan the code with their smart phones, and report to your booth to learn about the good fortune your company brings (and the large prize they’ve won from your promotion).

And now you’ve got them all at your booth filling out lead form, after lead form.

That’s just one marketing idea. There could be thousands of applications to pitch sales copy.

Previous Fortune Cookie Promotions

We’ve had a client series the slips and use them in a raffle, we’ve had a client create a specific coupon code only available on the fortune cookie’s message slip to track how many people received the fortune cookie and purchased online using the coupon promotion, and we’ve even had politicians hand out our personalized fortune cookies at parades to help them get reelected.

Restaurants even avoid ordering through discounted wholesale so they can customize the slip to encourage people to sign up for their newsletter. And, you know what? It worked! Because people will always want to crack open a fortune cookie and read the message. So why not fill the message slip with your branded campaign!

An affordable promotional product that can boost your multichannel marketing strategy to the next level.

The possibilities are endless.

So start now!

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Promotional Fortune Cookies