Chocolate Dipped and Sprinkled Fortune Cookies

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Thank you so much for all your help to get our order made. The cookies were delicious and absolutely perfect for the occasion…the launch of our new Public Affairs Leadership course. After lunch, several students came up to me and said “Wow, my fortune cookie talked about leadership—isn’t that ironic?”

—Mary Maronde, Minneapolis, MN


I have never received such amazing and extremely prompt service in my whole life!!! Your business is impeccable!!! Thank you so much!!! These make such great gifts!!!

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Are you looking for chocolate dipped and sprinkled fortune cookies? Our Candy sprinkles add glamour to fortune cookies.

All chocolate dipped fortune cookies stay fresh for 6 weeks.

KC Fortune Cookie Factory offers over 10 different types of sprinkles for your chocolate covered fortune cookies, but the combination of sprinkle and chocolate flavor is up to you.

Below are photos of sprinkled fortune cookies with various types of chocolate dipping covering the fortune cookie. Once you’re done browsing you can order these custom made products here: Regular sized chocolate covered custom fortune cookies or giant chocolate covered custom fortune cookie


Regular Size Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies with Sprinkles *

White Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookie with Baby White bead sprinkles

White Baby Bead Sprinkle - The in-demand sprinkle to add to white chocolate covered fortune cookies customized for a wedding!

Baby Shower Fortune Cookies, Dark Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookie with White Baby Beads

The white baby bead sprinkle also looks good on the dark and milk chocolate dipped fortune cookies (try out this combination for baby shower fortune cookies).

Baby Shower Fortune Cookies, Baby Shower Bead on White Chocolate Covered Custom Fortune Cookies

Pastel Bead Sprinkles - The perfect color sprinkle to add to chocolate dipped fortune cookies customized for a baby shower! Especially when it’s a gender reveal baby shower! These chocolate dipped fortune cookies wouldn’t give away the gender until guests crack open the cookies.

Baby Shower Fortune Cookies, Milk Chocolate Covered Personalized Fortune Cookies with Sprinkles

The pastel baby bead sprinkles also looks good on the milk and dark chocolate dipped customized fortune cookies. The flavor chocolate dipping depends on the them of your baby shower and your personal tastes.

Red Baby Bead Sprinkled Milk Chocolate Covered Fortune Cookies Personalized

Red Baby Bead Sprinkle - Is red part of your brand? Do your school team colors include red? This bead can be mixed with the other colors of baby beads to make the perfect color combination for your sprinkled fortune cookies.

Valentine's Day Heart and Dot sprinkles on a White Chocolate dipped fortune cookie

Valentine’s Day Heart and Dot Sprinkles are a great addition to chocolate dipped fortune cookies customized to be a Valentine’s Day gift, an anniversary gift or to simply say “I love you”.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies sprinkled with hearts and dots

The Valentine’s Day heart and dot sprinkles also look good on milk and dark chocolate dipping options.

Peppermint Sprinkled Fortune Cookies

Peppermint Stardust - Crushed peppermints are sifted on top of freshly coated fortune cookies. Perfect addition to any chocolate dipped fortune cookies customized for a Holiday party. The peppermint stardust cookie is wonderful taste combination of fortune cookie and candy cane. The peppermint looks great on milk or dark chocolate as well.

Yellow Edible Glitter Sprinkled Fortune Cookie Chocolate Covered

Yellow Edible Glitter - Although not a candy sprinkle, this flaky topping will add shimmer to your white chocolate covered fortune cookies. - Not recommended for use on fortune cookies dipped in milk or dark chocolate as the yellow glitter blends in and is hard to see.

Corporate Holiday Gift Guide Chocolate dipped fortune cookies

Green Shimmer - Corporate holiday gift guides encourage the purchase of customized fortune cookies as a thank you gift for your clients because the message slip can include a logo which then becomes a branded business Christmas gift. And, who doesn’t love receiving chocolate! Leave a sweet taste in your client’s mouth this holiday season with chocolate dipped fortune cookies topped with green shimmer.

Corporate Holiday Gift Guide Chocolate Dipped Fortune Cookies

Holiday Party Sprinkles - Another favorite during the Christmas gift giving season. Holiday gift guide approved, these red, green and white sprinkle combo will dazzle all your guests at the company holiday party, as a secret Santa gift or on the desks of your clients as a thank you for the business.


Ready to order? Follow these links: Regular sized chocolate covered custom fortune cookies or giant chocolate covered custom fortune cookie

Giant Chocolate Covered Custom Fortune Cookie with Sprinkles*

These sprinkles are only available on our giant fortune cookies due to the size of the sprinkle being too big to adequately stay attached to the regular-sized fortune cookie during production.

White Chocolate Covered Giant Fortune Cookie Flower Sprinkles

Springtime Flower Sprinkles - Add these for Easter, a spring picnic, on a Mother’s Day gift or just because. Their bright color will be sure to bring a smile to their face.

Fourth of July white chocolate covered custom giant fortune cookie

Fourth of July American Stars and Stripes Sprinkles - add these to your chocolate covered giant fortune cookie and use the cookie as a centerpiece for your picnic table settings, or bring to the host of your Fourth of July celebration to show how fortunate you are to have them in your life. Not recommended to use on the milk or dark chocolate dipped fortune cookies.


Other Sprinkles for the Chocolate Covered Giant Fortune Cookies

We have orange sticks for Halloween, green shamrocks for Saint Patrick’s Day, autumn leaves for fall, and Micky Mouse sprinkles for your next kid’s birthday party.

Sprinkles for the Giant Fortune Cookie Covered in Chocolate

*Sprinkle Selection May Change at any time. Some sprinkles may become unavailable or discontinued for any reason. The seasonal sprinkles depicted here do change annually. For example: the Valentine’s Day Heart and Dots shown above may not look exactly like the ones on your order, but will be a very close match.