Custom Message Fortune Cookies For The Agile Development Community

Our customer Adam Weisbart (@Weisbart) ordered custom message fortune cookies from us as a trial run for his new product: Retrospective Cookies.

Adam and two colleagues, Jimi Fosdick and Petri Heiramo, created the 25 unique messages for SCRUM.

And although I’ve never taken part, people in the agile development community seem to love this fun new way to lead Retrospectives. The 25 questions used in the order were randomly mixed so that each Chinese quart container held 10 cookies that would most likely contain a different question inside.

We wrapped the customized fortune cookies in clear cellophane, and to save on shipping Adam packaged them into their quart size Chinese take-out boxes once he received them.

Information on how to run a retrospective using the cookies, and how to buy the fortune cookies can be found here:

We’re always excited to learn about new ways our customers are using the fortune cookies they purchase from us. Do you have an interesting application of our product? Please share below.

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