Do What You Love. Love What You Do.

I love the baking and fortune cookie business. Luckily, this is my work every day.

Doing what you love has many benefits. For one, you’ll work harder if you enjoy what you do. If your work is fun you will also gain confidence to adapt to change.

And you will have to change! Life is all about change. I’ve been a shoemaker, cook, waiter, bartender, baker and auto mechanic. Each of these jobs prepared me for my work today.

My passion for my work has also led to my hobbies after work. For example, I am fascinated by machines — fortune cookie machines, boats, motorcycles and custom automobiles. You name it, if it has a motor, I like it. The power and speed of machines is amazing.

I also love sharing food with friends and family. As the owner of a Chinese restaurant and bakery, and a fortune cookie manufacturing company, I get to be around food, family and friends all the time. Everybody needs laughter and food many times a day.

Work has allowed me to travel, too, and through these experiences I have developed a passion for visiting new places, meeting new friends, trying local foods, and seeing the sights. Two of my favorite travel experiences have been driving along the Pacific Coast Highway in California and driving up to the Haleakala volcano in Maui.

My point is that if you do one thing you love, it will lead to more things you love. Everything is connected; and ultimately, in your life, it’s all connected to you.

So take a moment to think about it. What do you love to do?

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