Will You Marry Me Fortune Cookie Story

Read below for a funny “will you marry me” fortune cookie story.

A few years ago a man called the factory early in the morning and asked, “Could you put an engagement ring in a fortune cookie for me?” And I replied, “Great idea! Of course I can create this marriage proposal fortune cookie! But, when do you need it by?” With a quick pause and a gulp, the man replied, “Tonight… I would like to propose to my girlfriend at dinner tonight!” I told the man, “Well, if you come to the factory by 5 p.m. that shouldn’t be a problem.”

That afternoon the man arrives. Excitedly, he showed me the ring. I worked carefully to fold the ring and marriage proposal fortune slip into the fortune cookie, baked it in place, and he left with a smile on his face.

A few hours later I received a phone call with a voice of panic. “Hi Sunny! Do you remember me? I was there a few hours ago and you put the ring in my fortune cookie. I showed my co-worker. He dropped the fortune cookie and it broke! Could you please fold the ring into another fortune cookie??”

Surprised, and shocked this series of events happened to the man, without hesitation I said, “Yes! If you can get here before the dough runs out for the day we can create another engagement ring fortune cookie for you.” The man couldn’t leave work until after 5 p.m. so it was going to be a close call based on the amount of dough we had remaining.

Hurriedly, a man jumped out of his car half past 5 o’clock, and ran up to the factory’s front doors ringing the call bell repeatedly. I greeted him. And told him the dough was all gone. – Just kidding!

His timing was perfect. He handed me the ring, and I had just enough time to create one last fortune cookie with the most important question a man will ever ask in his life packed inside, “Will you marry me?”

About five years later, I received a phone call. The man on the line addressed me by my first name, but I did not recognize his voice. He recounted the story of the ill-fated original marry me fortune cookie, and I instantly remember. She said yes! They have since moved to San Antonio, Texas. And being happily married, they now have two kids. Every year on their anniversary the man and his wife talk about the broken fortune cookie as they enjoy Chinese food for dinner.

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